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Raised in Hot Springs, Arkansas, company owner Kim Clatworthy’s parents owned a lake resort they operated with her two older sisters. Having been in the hospitality industry her entire life, she admittedly never meets a stranger and appreciates the personal joy found in caring for others’ needs.

Growing up Kim had an opportunity to see true care and compassion firsthand. She saw her parents care for her grandmother, who eventually came to live with them so she could age in place and be surrounded by people who loved her. Kim vividly remembers spending countless hours listening to her grandmother’s stories of days gone by. She feels blessed to have known her grandmother for so long, and to have grown up with such amazing parents who had a genuine love for all people, especially those in need.

With such life experiences growing up, Kim realized she was, and is, an old soul with a deep connection to the elderly as well as those in need of care. In particular, she feels the elderly’s wisdom is something that only age and endurance can teach, and that her family’s approach to life and their legacy for helping those in need is what led her to a passion for caring for others.

Looking back at her career decisions, Kim recognizes it wasn’t her Bachelor of Science degree, or attending nursing school, or working as a student nursing assistant, or even working in surgery that led her to where she is today. Instead, it was a combination of all those career choices supported by the backdrop of her formative years with family that brought her to “where I am called to be.”

Given Kim’s friendly outgoing personality and compassion toward others, it was no surprise to her friends and family that she would one day own a home care company. As luck would have it, the stars aligned in 2014 and Kim was blessed to become the owner of Elder Independence Home Care. From her viewpoint, it was the best career move she ever made. With that decision came opportunities for professional development. Kim is a Certified Dementia Practitioner with the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners. She also studied under Teepa Snow to earn her Positive Approach to Care Trainer Certification and Positive Approach to Care Consultant Certification.

Kim believes every life is precious, and she considers the time she gets to spend with those in need of home care, including the time she spends with their families, to be a privilege and an honor.

Kim loves spending time with her two boys, Daniel 24 and Dax 20. Both sons have their mom’s passion of caring for others and both have worked as certified nursing assistants while attending college. Kim also loves the outdoors, reading, and spending time with her rescue pups, Lacy and Luna, as well Lex the kitty.

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