Tonda Gresham, RN

Director of Care
Client Care Management
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Tonda Gresham was raised in Little Rock by her grandparents on a small farm. As her grandparents grew older and her grandfather later passed away, her grandmother did an amazing job raising her and her twin sisters. When they were all little, here grandmother would tell them a story from her childhood every night.

As a person of inspiration, Tonda remembers her grandmother as an amazing, loving and kind person. She once told Tonda, “A mother can take care of 10 children, but 10 children can’t take care of 1 mother.” Tonda promised her grandmother she would never let her go into a nursing home. Her grandmother replied, “Baby, you are too young to know what you are saying.”

When Tonda entered her second year in college, her grandmother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that unfortunately metastasized to other parts of her body. She was given 3 to 6 months to live. Tonda was devastated and took a leave from college to take care of her grandmother during her time of need. Tonda cherishes every moment of the time they spent together.

Tonda lives in Little Rock with her husband and 3 children. Tonda received her Associate Degree in Applied Science in 1991 from El Centro College in Dallas, Texas, and has been in the medical field since 1992. She has spent the last 15 years working with the senior population and considers it to be one of the best career decisions she ever made. In September of 2019, Tonda joined the Elder Independence Home Care team and serves as the Director of Care.

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