Michelle Whitfield

Team Development Coordinator
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Michelle Whitfield has lived in Arkansas all her life. She was extremely fortunate to grow up living next door to her grandparents. “I learned to listen and respect my elders. I would sit and listen to stories about how my grandparents grew up and how they raised 6 children.”  Her grandfather taught her many life lessons. He had a saying “there is a right way, a wrong way, and God’s way” which taught her that God has bigger plans that only He can see. Michelle’s grandparents and parents taught her to stop and think to find ways to make things work.

Michelle has two wonderful children (Nate 29 and Katelynn 22) who are her everything. “I am blessed to have such amazing gifts from God.” She was able to home school them, and that time helped them to develop and grow into successful adults that love life and love to learn.

Michelle has a degree in Business Management and Criminal Justice from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. After spending many years in customer service, sells and business consulting, God led her to what she believes is the perfect workplace at Elder Independence Home Care in September 2018. As Team Development Coordinator, Michelle wakes up each day ready to do things God’s way saying, “I love helping people and making them feel appreciated.”

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