Profile image of Inde, a brown adorable dog

We have all heard the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Now this saying has a whole new meaning to me as well as the team at Elder Independence Home Care.

On July 13, 2019, an exceptionally warm Saturday, I got a text from a staff member saying that she just found a puppy in the trash bin behind our office. I immediately left home and came to the office to find a tiny sweet little puppy that was very weak and lethargic. We rushed her to the closest vet’s office to see if she could be saved. She was in desperate need of fluids and was covered in ticks and fleas. She was also malnourished and had every kind of worm possible.

Fortunately the vet was great and treated her quickly and efficiently. Only time would tell if she would make a full recovery. At that point, we made the commitment to keep her as long as it took to get her well and find her a great home. Little did we know she would capture our hearts in such a way that we had no choice but to make her a permanent part of our lives and be our company ambassador.

Fast-forward almost a year later and Inde (named after Elder “Inde”dependence) spends her days at the office greeting visitors and keeping us in line. She is now completely healthy, happy and very loved by all.

– Kim Clatworthy

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