Care Provider of the Month

EIHC would like to honor Lesha as our September 2023 Care Provider of the Month!

Lesha is a new asset to the EIHC family of care providers. She started with flying colors and has proven to be a wonderful addition to the EIHC team.
Dedicated to caring for her clients, Lesha will step up anytime to be of help! EIHC is so excited to have her as a part of our family and be the newest addition to our team!

Previous Honorees

August 2023: Diane

July 2023: Yudy

June 2023: Brenda

May 2023: Suzanne

April 2023: Ruby

March 2023: Vicki

February 2023: Gerrie

January 2023: LaMorgan

December 2022: Denise

November 2022: Belva

October 2022: Sheila

September 2022: ShaRonda

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