Electronic Caregiver

If You’re Alone and Fall, What Would Happen?

Let the Electronic Caregiver Give You Peace of Mind

When older adults live independently, falling is a fear shared by families and seniors alike. Worst case scenario, the senior falls, can’t call for help, and ends up laying on the floor for hours or even days until someone stops by to visit. Unfortunately, this is a far more likely narrative than you might think. While having someone there with your loved one would be the best alternative, sometimes having a caregiver 24/7 is just not an option — even if they’re afraid of being alone during a fall, many older adults still want to live independently and don’t want people in their home all the time.

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Medical alert systems like the Electronic Caregiver are useful in these situations. They allow independence, but make it easy to call for help when it’s needed. The Electronic Caregiver helps those we care about age safely in place … at home where they want to be. Below are just a few of the benefits of having the Electronic Caregiver supplement family caregiving or home care services.

24/7 EMT Monitoring Center

The emergency response facility is staffed with licensed Emergency Medical Technicians. The most qualified operators in the industry will respond to your inquiries, notify responsible parties when a wellness check is needed, or alert emergency services during a crisis.

Direct Link Medical Button

Press this button at the earliest signs of danger or negative health symptoms. In the event of a condition your loved one may normally delay contacting a medical provider about, he can ask for advice from one of our experienced EMT operators at the push of a button.

Medication Reminder Service

Personalized, monitored medication reminders keep your loved one on track with his care plan and, if he doesn’t respond to the reminder, an EMT operator will activate two-way voice communication to ensure the client is all right.

Emergency Wrist Pendant

A fitness band style, this wrist alarm pendant has long-range capabilities and is completely submersible. This light weight safety device is worn 24/7 and provides reliable protection. It doesn’t look like an emergency alert system, so clients usually don’t mind wearing it.

Whether you’re looking for home care, another alternative such as the Electronic Caregiver, or even both options together for extra peace of mind, let Elder Independence help. Protecting your loved one is our top priority!

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